It’s our mission to take away the fear and confusion that can come with dental treatment, and help you enjoy your journey to a life with real confidence.

At every stage we’ll talk you through what we propose to do and why, allowing you to voice your thoughts and make decisions on what you want, helping you to feel reassured and well-informed throughout your treatment.

We are very lucky to have kind, friendly, empathetic and professional treatment coordinators who are very knowledgeable and experienced in all fields of dentistry. Holly or Megan, our treatment coordinators will most likely be the first person you speak with when contacting Green Room Dentistry. They will play a pivotal role during your journey and will happily answer any questions you may have.


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WOW! Dental Awards Winner
Louise Dean
Amazing!!! I have a terrible phobia of the dentist, but Sally and Kim are great! I'm work in progress with Sally at the moment and just after one side being completed today, I am ecstatic with the result and cannot wait for it all to be done; it will give me so much more confidence, as I have put off having work done due to my fear! Thank you so much!
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Jacky Taylor
I have attended Green Room Dentistry for many years and because l have always been delighted with the professional care given to me over that time my family are also committed customers. I cannot say that on any occasion l have attended that l have not received the most kind and professional care and attention from any member of staff working in that practice they all excel in delivery. Obviously l must mention Richard who has provided me with exceptional attention on every occasion throughout the 20 years l have needed dental care (and believe me not always simple care) Richard is a superb Dentist and a superb human being.
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Andy Tegg
I actually look forward to going to the dentist!!!
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Lucas Snell
Fantastic as ever, great team, highly recommended
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Christine Perry
Last Yr I recently moved to Cornwall, I registered with Green room. They have been fab, when I have needed emergency appointments due to pain they have seen me that day. I have hygienist their, who I am happy with. Having some bridge work done soon, they have been honest and clear on costing. I do a monthly plan, which covers hygienist and check up. I can recommend this dentist.
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Miriam Briden
Always five stars , great service , great staff , lovely surroundings and a walk on the beach after . Would never go anywhere else . 😊
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Jane Powell
The staff at the Green Room were absolutely amazing today. I’d been awake all night in agony . I called at 8.45am and was given an appointment for 9.20am! The care I received was amazing. Constantly being reassured and encouraged throughout the extraction of my wisdom tooth. The whole process was completely pain free. A big thank you to all the staff. I’m in the area on holiday so not a regular patient.
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Your Patient Journey


We offer two different kinds of consultations at the practice for patients:

  • The first is made in conjunction with the treatment coordinator and the dentist. We spend time gathering any information that we need and discussing your goals and any concerns that you may have, before continuing to a Dental Health assessment with the dentist.
  • We also offer complimentary consultations with a treatment coordinator to enable either potential or existing patients to demonstrate and discuss the treatments available at the practice. These consultations take place away from the dental chair and allow you to discuss what bothers you about your teeth or smile. It allows us to show you possible solutions available and time to ask any questions that you may have.
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Consultations are available for all the treatments we offer including teeth straightening, options for replacing missing teeth, and cosmetic dental treatments.

Dental Health Assessment

One of our dentists will perform an in depth Dental Health Assessment to identify any problems and build up a detailed picture of your dental health. They will check the muscles and glands in your head and neck, your jaw joint and the tissues inside of your mouth. A computerised record of your teeth is made and a gum health assessment is completed. They will take any x-rays that are needed and take a digital smile scan of your teeth and how they bite together.

Following this appointment your dentist will develop a treatment plan for you with your personalised fees. It is often the case that following a dental health assessment we invite you back to discuss your treatment options.

Discussing Options

Our treatment coordinators will present you with your dentist’s findings, and talk you through the options available to you and the costs involved. You will be fully involved in the decision-making process. Should you have any further questions that they are unable to answer they will liaise closely with both you and your dentist to make sure these are answered. We want to ensure that the process completing your dental treatment is as smooth as possible for you.

Written Treatment Plan

We send you a full written treatment plan detailing the options we have discussed with you, giving you time to think everything through.


When you have decided which options would be best for you, we will obtain your signed consents, schedule your appointments, confirm payments and begin your treatment.

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End of treatment

When you have completed your treatment our dentists will arrange a final review appointment with one of our treatment coordinators. They will ensure that you are happy with the outcome of your treatment.

Our Treatment Coordinators support you by:

  • Helping you to feel comfortable and reassured.
  • Reviewing any questions you may have.
  • Scheduling appointments, obtaining consents and arranging payments.
  • Bridging the gap between technical terminology and simple language to help your understanding.
  • Working with the rest of the team to ensure your journey is the best it can be.
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