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It is practice policy to provide you with a written treatment plan and quotation before embarking on a course of treatment. We also do our best to give you clear information for you to make an informed decision on appropriate choices for your dental health.

We have a policy of 'no hidden extras' including a fixed fee for digital x-rays no matter how many are needed. When you take this into account, if making a comparison of our fees with others, this makes us great value.


2020 fees

Dental Health Assessment £110.00

Consultation to assess your dental health and discuss your requirements. We carry out a full oral and dental examination, under high magnification and illumination, including screening for oral cancer and gum disease. Also included are dental photo's and review appointment as required. A written quotation and treatment plan are always provided.

Dental Health Review £49.50

Includes screening as above.

X-rays £34.50 per set

Low dose digital x-rays (as required), to diagnose dental disease

Non Registered Patient Problem Investigation £175.00

Consultation to investigate your presenting problem. Includes x-rays (as required), prescriptions (as required) and temporary treatment.  For any long term treatment a written quotation and treatment plan will be provided.

Registered Patient Problem Investigation £49.50

Includes investigation as above.

Hygiene Therapy 30 minutes £79.00, 60 minutes £158.00

Education as to the cause of your specific dental health problems. Instruction of suitable oral hygiene programme. Professional removal of hard and soft deposits then advanced stain removal with AIRFLOW or CLEANIC DENT. Complimentary GREEN ROOM toothbrush.

Composite Fillings from £99.00 to £396.00

Restoration of your tooth following decay or dental injury. State of the art technique with the latest adhesives and materials, cosmetically matched to your tooth. This includes the dental dam technique for safe removal of old mercury containing fillings.

Extraction from £152.50 to £398.50

Removal of your tooth if it cannot be repaired.

Root Canal Therapy from £417.00 to £625.50

Treatment to repair a tooth that is badly decayed or has become infected.  Includes sterile single patient use instruments in line with latest guidelines.

Crowns from £725.00 to £925.00

Crowns are used to strengthen teeth that are weakened by large cavities or fillings. They are also great to dramatically improve the look of teeth which are discoloured, worn or uneven.

Tooth Whitening £485.00

This is a safe and effective way of enhancing your natural teeth. Our approved system gives a great result after only 2 weeks and can last for years with an occasional top up treatment.



Cancellation charges may apply

We kindly request 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment with us.  To cancel please call us on 01637 879889 or email us at 

If you cancel within the 48 hour notice period a fee may apply, the fees are as follows:

Dental examination/ problem investigation appointment £30.00

Hygiene therapy appointment £30.00

All other appointments £120.00


Denplan Essentials

Dental care plan

Plan B

Plan C

Price per month



No. of dental health reviews per year



No. of 30 min hygiene therapy sessions per year



No. of X-rays



Emergency cover during surgery hours and out of hours

included (if supplementary insurance selected)

included (if supplementary insurance selected)

24 hour help-line

included (if supplementary insurance selected)

included (if supplementary insurance selected)

10% discount off any further treatment



£100 off tooth whitening





Dental Implants and Advanced Reconstructive Dentistry

If you are missing some or all of your teeth and are unhappy with your situation then please come and see us. We can usually restore your mouth to health and give you a great appearance with fixed teeth. We have extensive training and great experience in this exciting area of dentistry and would be happy to talk with you about the possibilities at a FREE consultation. Before starting treatment a further in-depth assessment is carried out and a written quotation and treatment plan are always provided.


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